The Top Cricket Betting Websites Online in 2023

Find the top cricket bookies and start betting with a generous welcome bonus. Whether it’s Test matches, the Indian Premier League, one-day internationals, or Twenty20, the global cricket betting industry is enormous.



Our specialists have created a list of the top online cricket betting sites for 2023 to assist you in finding the appropriate sportsbook for you. Choose a good sportsbook from the list provided below, then continue reading for some free cricket betting advice.

What are the most popular betting competitions for cricket?


Below is a list of the most popular cricket tournaments, including the IPL and the Ashes. These events garner worldwide interest and provide excellent betting chances. Before placing wagers, you should have a solid understanding of the most popular cricket tournaments.


IPL Betting

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is an annual competition in which eight clubs compete for a massive prize fund – the 2019 season alone has 500 million in total prize money. The finest teams in the world compete in the IPL, each representing a different Indian city. In recent years, the Chennai Super Kings, the Mumbai Indians, and the Sunrisers Hyderabad have been notable teams.


Ashes Wagering

England and Australia play a set of five-day Tests every two years. The Ashes, a little urn with a nearly 150-year history, is at risk, and a worldwide audience always watches the newest episode in one of the sport’s greatest rivalries. Never one to be forgotten.


Bets on the ICC Cricket World Cup

The World Cup is the apex of limited-overs international cricket competitions. Every four years, the greatest one-day international (ODI) sides battle for a massive trophy and the 50-over cricket championship. The 2019 trophy measured two feet in height, was composed of gold and silver, and weighed 11 kilograms.


World Test Championship of the ICC Wagering

The World Test Championship of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is a league tournament for Test cricket. The competition, which will debut in 2019, was created to provide a meaningful event for the longest format of cricket. Over the course of two years, nine foreign teams participate in 71 Test matches, with points granted for each match; the top two teams meet in a one-off World Test Championship Final.


World Twenty20 Betting

Betting on the T20 World Cup T20 cricket is intended for action. With a restricted overs style, the game is brisk and the two teams are forced to compete for runs. The outcome of a game is sometimes very unexpected, and there is typically no clear favorite at the outset. Typically, the game is played using the standard one-day regulations (with certain exclusions), but with just 20 overs each side.


Bets on the Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super Competition (PSL) is a professional cricket league using the Twenty20 format. It occurs yearly between February and March, and six Pakistani teams compete. Each team represents a different city, with Islamabad United being the most successful to far. Since its inception in 2015, this league has already generated millions of dollars.

Formats of Cricket for Betting


Three distinct versions of international cricket are Test cricket, one-day international (ODI), and Twenty20 (T20). Typically, a sports betting website will provide a variety of markets for all three. Before placing a wager, it is essential to understand how the major variants of cricket differ.


Test Cricket Wagers

Test cricket is the game’s earliest and most traditional format. Typically, a test match lasts five days and consists of four innings (each team batting and bowling twice). Due to the length of the game, matches are typically played at a slower pace and in a range of weather conditions.


One Day Cricket International Betting

One Day Internationals, or ODIs, are a type of cricket that is significantly more brisk. As the name implies, each match typically lasts around a day and each team bats just once, with a fixed amount of overs (usually 50). This kind of cricket may also be referred to as limited-overs or limited-over international cricket.


T20 Cricket Wagers

Twenty20 cricket, abbreviated T20, is the quickest of the three international versions of cricket. Each team has 20 overs, and each game lasts around three hours. This implies that T20 matches are frequently played at a rapid tempo, with batsmen typically striving for huge hits.

Free Cricket Wagering Advice


Before placing a wager on cricket, it is crucial to take into account a variety of factors. We have included some of our top free cricket betting tips for beginners below.


Check the Forecast

The weather may have a significant impact on the outcome of a cricket match. In general, cloudy or gloomy circumstances are thought to favor bowlers, whilst intense sunshine tends to favor batters. In addition, a forecast of heavy rain might boost the likelihood of a Test cricket tie. In light of this, it is usually prudent to check the weather before placing a wager.


Check the Forecast

Learn the Pitch Specifics

The pitch may reveal a great deal about how a game can go. If a field is riddled with cracks, the ball may move and bounce more. On the other side, if a field includes a lot of grass, it may be more difficult to spin the ball. More frequently than not, the pitch information will be accessible on the majority of cricket betting websites.


Learn the Pitch Specifics

Get to Know the Participants

Knowing the teams inside and out is essential for betting. If you have a solid understanding of the players’ skills, limitations, and tendencies, you will be able to make a more educated wager. Tracking and analyzing the performance of the major players is a solid starting point.


Get to Know the Participants

Cricket and in-play wagering go hand-in-hand. This form of betting enables you to respond rapidly to events on the field and put wagers in real time. Essentially, in-play wagering requires prior game knowledge, which is a tremendous advantage.


Examine In-Play Betting

How We Evaluate the Best Websites for Online Cricket Betting

Each site we recommend for betting on cricket is evaluated using a thorough set of criteria. Our team of experienced evaluators consider the competitiveness of a site’s odds, its diversity of cricket bet options, and competition promos, among other factors. Take a look at our benchmarks listed below to see how we rate.


Coverage of Cricket-Related Bets

The top sportsbook will include cricket-specific wagering options. We will be on the lookout for a variety of bet kinds, markets, and cricket specials. Bonus points will be awarded to bookmakers who offer several live betting alternatives.


Coverage of Cricket-Related Bets

Competitive Betting Odds on Cricket

Major competitions, such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, are quite competitive when it comes to betting, thus it is imperative that you obtain the greatest odds available. We will only propose sites with liberal odds and excellent bonuses for better odds on popular cricket games.


Competitive Cricket Betting Odds, Promotions, and Bonuses

Promotions of high quality are vital for every sportsbook. We want to see enticing welcome bonuses for novice cricket bettors to assist them get started in the sport. After that, we will look for marketing that are specifically geared to important cricket events.


Bonuses & Special Offers

Banking & Payouts

Here, we will evaluate the deposit and withdrawal options offered to gamblers. The best sportsbooks will have a variety of deposit methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallet services, bank transfer alternatives, and cryptocurrencies. We will also seek for fast payouts and withdrawals that are free of extra processing costs.


Banking & Payouts

Safety, Protection, and Customer Service

Before include a sportsbook on our shortlist, we conduct an exhaustive background investigation. This involves examining the site’s license, certification, and regulatory status. In addition, we examine a site’s security measures to see if it has up-to-date SSL encryption and its customer service alternatives.


Safety, Protection, and Customer Service

Apps and Mobile Capabilities

Nowadays, a betting website must be optimized for smaller screens. We’ll be on the lookout for websites that are mobile-optimized or offer applications that are simple to use. In addition to scorecards, match statistics, and live-streaming capabilities, the finest cricket betting applications will also have cricket-specific extras.


Apps and Mobile Capabilities

Our Verdict

If an online cricket betting site meets all of the above requirements, it will be included on our shortlist. Rest assured that our team of experienced reviewers frequently checks and updates the rankings to guarantee that you have the best possible gaming experience.



What is the greatest app for betting on cricket?

Happy Luke is the greatest cricket betting app currently available. Our team of experienced reviewers have compiled suggestions for the top cricket betting apps above. Your choice is mostly determined by your betting needs and personal preference.


Does betting on cricket occur in real time?

Thanks to in-play wagering, many bettors choose to wager in real time as the game unfolds. This also applies to cricket, since most reputable bookmakers provide in-play wagering markets for all major events.


What is the market rate for betting on cricket?

The market rate is an alternative term for the odds of a given match result. Following the market rate will provide a decent indication of how the match is progressing between the two teams.


What is a cricket handicap bet?

In cricket, handicap betting is utilized when a side is winning excessively or when the teams are mismatched. You are effectively wagering on which side will win the match after a handicap has been set.


When a one-day cricket match has turned lopsided, for instance, handicap betting may be employed. If the team that bats first has scored an intimidating total, a bookmaker may elect to add a handicap to keep the game exciting.


In all sports, the goal of handicap betting is to create a more level playing field. It refers to providing one team an artificial edge over another.


What does draw no wager mean in cricket?

In draw-no-bet markets, the ability to wager on a draw is eliminated. Essentially, if the team you supported wins, you will receive the payout. And if the match ends in a tie, the whole wager will be returned.


Are there incentives available for betting on cricket?

Yes, bookmakers often provide a variety of promos applicable to cricket matches. Additionally, keep an eye out for game-specific promos during important tournaments and matches.

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