Rules, Cost, and Odds for Ontario 49

Since 1978, Canada has been a participant in the global lottery industry. As a result, it’s not hard to see that lottery is a major industry in Canada, particularly in the province of Ontario. If you hit the jackpot, you can win a lot of money. This lottery is sanctioned on a national scale. The Canadian lottery system is run by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, also known as the OLG. You can play a number of different lotteries, with Lotto Max being the most well-liked option. However, Ontario 49 will serve as our example guide for today.

Rules of Ontario 49

Ontario 49 is a draw game based on numbers, just like any other lottery. The goal is to choose 6 numbers that you think will be drawn. Pick six digits between 1 and 49 at random. Your chances of winning are proportional to the amount of correct numbers you select.



Many European lottery tickets feature many boards. But in Ontario 49, you can only find the other boards in the actual selection documents. The ticket will only show the numbers you specify.


There is only one line for the Ontario 49 lottery. If you’ve ever played Lotto Max, you know that each ticket has three lines. At random, we select two of those lines. However, you only get one line in Ontario 49, which means you only have one shot at the jackpot.


Ontario 49 offers three different ways to begin. The first option is to buy it from the manufacturer or a trusted reseller. Either the app or the website will let you buy the same ticket. Use your preferred method. If you go with the shop, they’ll hand you a sheet with six numbers on it. You can then turn in the form with your completed information and receive a printed ticket. The outcomes can be retrieved by scanning the barcode on the ticket.


You can check if you won by scanning your ticket at the store once the results are posted. The official OLG app provides access to the outcomes from the comfort of your own home. You can buy the ticket straight from the app or the website. There is no need to worry because all tickets purchased are in the same category.


In addition to Ontario 49, OLG also provides players with the chance to win one of several additional lottery jackpots. You may play Daily Keno, Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49, and many others. Lotto Max boasts the biggest jackpot and is worth looking into.


There is a “Auto Pick” feature available if you prefer to have your choices generated at random. When you buy your ticket on the internet, you’ll see it there. You can also ask the store to assist you with this. This will produce 6 arbitrary numbers. However, the chances of success are the same as before.


Regulations of Ontario, Number 49

There are subtle differences between every lottery in the world. The game’s central premise is always the same, yet there are always twists and turns. This section will explain the regulations that set Ontario 49 apart from other similar games. Let’s get right down to business and examine the rules and odds of Ontario 49.


Potential Winnings and Odds

You should realize the importance of the odds in lotteries if you’re familiar with other games of chance, such as the greatest online bingo. In Ontario 49, the odds are modified by the random drawing of a bonus ball. With the bonus ball in motion, you have the chance to win one of seven distinct prize categories. Different chances to win each reward. So, let’s examine each one.


Probability of getting all six primary numbers is 1 in 13,983,816.

The probability of correctly selecting all 5 numbers plus the bonus number is one in 2,330,636.

The chances of hitting the big five are only 1 in 55,492.

Probability of getting 4 primary numbers is only 1 in 1,033.

The odds of landing on any of the top three numbers are a meager 1 in 56.It’s only 1 in 81.2 to win with 2 major numbers and 1 bonus number, and 1 in 8 for just 3 main numbers.Three Ontario 49 Ticket Prices

Getting a lottery ticket is the first order of business for the Ontario 49 lottery. We’ve already explained how and where to acquire it; how much does it set you back? The six digits you pick will be printed on an Ontario 49 ticket. These six digits will originate from a single line. Your ticket can have several different lines. The cost of these lines is one Canadian dollar each.


These six digits are eligible for the bonus number, as well. This means that your bet will still be legitimate if the bonus number drawn corresponds to one of your six numbers. The ticket also includes a “Encore” selection. OLG’s Maxmillions Bonus Game is an extra way to play the main game. For an extra C$1, you’re entered into a draw for a million dollars.

The Ontario Lottery 49


The jackpot is what gets people interested in a lottery in the first place. The jackpot for Ontario 49 is always the same. Our investigation revealed that this was not the case across the board. In Lotto Max, for instance, all prizes except for the jackpot were awarded as a fraction of the total pot.


Not so for House District 49 in Ontario. The top prize is a cool two million Canadian dollars. Only if you pick all six digits correctly will you win. The jackpot reduces to C$50,000 if you match 5 numbers plus the bonus number.


You can win $500 Canadian if you correctly estimate 5 numbers. The payout drops to C$50 for a winning combination of 4 numbers. C$10 for matching all three numbers, and C$3 for matching two numbers and the bonus. Even if you only match two digits, you’ll still earn a free spin on Ontario 49. The Ontario 49 does not have a rollover. This game’s top prize is a cool two million dollars. However, that’s a lot of cash for something that only requires a buck.


Highest Accomplishment

The chances of winning the jackpot are something we’ve discussed before. You do realize how tall it is. Is winning the lottery therefore hopeless? In a word, no. You can actually hit it, and you will start to see that it occurs frequently.


Thomas G. of Southampton, Ontario, won $2,000,000 in December 2021. He and his loved ones were chatting about how amazing it would be to win the lottery on New Year’s Eve. He had no idea how right he was! His elation at the news was astronomical. It’s not just him, either; regular lottery winners can be found across Canada. From this, it follows that, yes, it is possible to win the lottery!


The Ontario 49 Results

Ontario 49 is available for play twice a week. Twice weekly, drawings will be held. Both of them occur weekly; the first on Saturdays and the second on Wednesdays. It’s also fantastic that tickets can be bought right up to showtime.


On these two days, at precisely 10:30 p.m., the drawing will commence. You can verify the outcome of the draw by scanning your ticket in-store or on your mobile device. Minutes after the draw, the results are posted online. The outcomes are also available online, so feel free to double-check there.


Prizes from Ontario 49: How to Claim Them

Visit the store where you purchased your ticket, present it, and claim your cash prize if it is less than $1,000 Canadian. There is a different process for payouts greater than C$1000. Prizes ranging from $1,000 to $49,999 can be claimed either online or by mail. Your cash award will be sent to you in the mail. If you like, you can also pick it up in person at a designated reward center.


You must call the OLG Support Center at 1-8000-387-0098 if you’ve won more than C$50,000. You will be given instructions on how to proceed with claiming your prize. Only a few days will be needed.


Paying Taxes on These Awards

Canada’s lottery is the finest in the world since it is tax free. In Canada, lottery wins are exempt from federal income tax. This means that you can stop worrying about paying taxes on your winnings. This includes people living in other countries. There is no requirement that foreign residents pay taxes on lottery wins under any of their unique regulations. Therefore, it’s also beneficial for them.

Analysis of Bill 49 in Ontario


We believe that everyone should give Ontario 49 a shot at least once. Check out Ontario 49 if you’re over the age of majority in Canada. For the low, low price of one $1, you may enter for a shot at $2,000,000.


Frequent Questions About Bill 49 in Ontario

Now would be a great moment to ask any remaining questions you might have.


In Ontario, when do the 49s draw?


The drawings take place at 10:30 p.m. (Eastern) every Saturday and Wednesday.


Whose land is it in Ontario 49?


The many lotteries in Canada, including Ontario 49, are managed by OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission).


How likely am I to win the Ontario 49?


Getting all six digits properly is the toughest challenge. That’s a 1 in 13,983,816 shot at best.

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