David Marcus

Richard Marcus has been notorious for years for stealing money from Las Vegas. Marcus and his team were able to defraud the Las Vegas casinos of tens of thousands of dollars through the use of past-posting.

Following the development of the “Roulette Mix-Up” and “The Savannah” strategies, Marcus and his team were able to defraud casinos of even more cash without risking much of their own. He deceived merchants everywhere, not realizing that he was the mastermind behind a multimillion-dollar scandal that has been ongoing for twenty-five years.

Early Years

Marcus’s aptitude for wagering was evident from a very young age. During car journeys with his parents, he would wager on the hue of vehicles he anticipated would round the bend.

Richard Marcus and his colleagues used to “flip” baseball cards, which meant that they would each turn over a single card and the person with the higher-ranked player would win both. His opponents were able to look at his deck and select their cards accordingly, revealing that he was the victim of a deceptive scheme. Marcus was intrigued by how he had been deceived, despite the fact that he had lost his entire collection of baseball cards.

Later in life, Marcus frequented the racetrack, where he relished wagering on horses on the weekends. After winning $30,000 in a single afternoon, he decided to test his fortunes in Las Vegas. At the time, baccarat was his favored game, so he decided to play it first.

Unfortunately for Marcus, the odds were stacked against him. In a single evening, he lost all of his previous racetrack winnings and returned home destitute and disheartened.

Marcus, determined to defeat the casino at its own game, accepted a position at a Four Queens Casino in order to hone his abilities. He became both a baccarat and blackjack dealer. Additionally, he paid close attention to the behaviors of other merchants that he could potentially exploit as a player.

How He Became a Cheater in Las Vegas

Joe Classon made his way to the baccarat table of Marcus. Classon asked him to meet with him one night after his shift to convince him to be his accomplice in a Four Queens casino baccarat scheme. If he consented to collaborate with him on this scheme, he assured him a significant share of the profits.

Marcus was the one who came up with the strategy for executing their plan. Richard devised a scheme to deceitfully shuffle so that his relief dealer would actually deal the fixed hands without knowing that the deck was rigged for Classon and his colleagues to win. They earned more than $21,000 with this strategy.

Marcus achieved his greatest success after joining Classon’s late-betting (past-posting) approach team. Their stratagem involved placing a wager after the official betting period had ended. They would not place a wager until the outcome of the event had occurred or it was evident what the result would be.

The greatest contribution he made to the team was the creation of the “mix-up” roulette strategy, in which he would slide in a few additional high-value coins after he was certain of a winning wager. Other comrades would stand by and find methods to temporarily distract the dealer so he would not be discovered.

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